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About Mafia Wars

You come from a humble Bronx family and begin your climb up through the mob's chain of command, leaving a body behind on every step. You must train in the gym, get an education, and find a job to use as a cover for your illegal activities. Once near the top, you can try and eliminate a rival family's don and assume control of the nation's most powerful crime family. The choice is yours but it won't be easy. There are many others out there just like you, a poor Italian kid from the Bronx. Do you have what it takes? Will you become the Don of the most powerful family in the mafia? Only time will tell!!


Goings On April 21, 2015

BOGO has been turned off. Didnt even realize it was still on. Support Pack Shop is also CLOSED for now. Ya should have gotten all ya needed, lol
War Free For All has been started and will run for AT LEAST the next 30 days. There WILL BE PRIZES at the end for the top family/families and top individual/individuals.
Im also looking into why the attack log is not working and will let ya know!
Back Online! February 8, 2015

So, what happened? The server experienced a drive failure and had to be restored from backups. Near as I can tell, everything is current as of Friday Morning. -Doug
Super Bowl XLIX February 1, 2015

Get your picks in for the 2015 Super Bowl Now! Pick the right team, and win a special prize pack.
Pick the losing team, and you get NADA. You have to make your pick before kickoff (5:30 CST).

Site Security Update January 11, 2015

I just completed an update to the site that, while invisible functionally, affected literally every page. While I did spend several weeks testing this update, it is quite possible that I missed something that I may have broken with this update. If you find something that is not working, please let me know. -Doug
Happy New Year! January 1, 2015

Happy New Years MW! And with a new year comes some new changes. Coming soon!
So......What's going on? December 22, 2014

Just a head's up. I'm currently in the process of testing a major site update, which I hope to bring live in the next couple days. This is a security update that will plug up the holes that we suspect certain players had been using to cheat, so the differences will not be readily apparent. In fact, they will be completely transparent. I was hoping to get the update tested and ready to bring live prior to Christmas, however I underestimated just how long the testing process would take, especially when real life is factored in. The good news is, once this update is in place, development on new features and improvements can once again continue. I felt that going through and fixing the bugs needed to take priority. There are some new things in the works, they just took a back burner when it became clear that there was still an exploitable security hole that needed to be plugged.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to mail them to me in the game.

Site Update December 15, 2014

Here semicolon semicolon semicolon....come back home. You're too small to be out on your own.
Site Update December 6, 2014

So.....what's happening? It's all under the hood, but it is going on.....
Changes to Travel November 15, 2014

The bus company and airline have both decided to update their aging fleets with something a little more modern.
The bus company has replaced its rickshaws being pulled by nearly-crippled orphan children with a state-of the art bus which makes the bullet train look pedestrian. It now takes 5 minutes to get anywhere by bus.
The airline has replaced its Benoist XIV with a modern Jet. All flights take 2 minutes, though coach flights still have a waiting period before boarding/takeoff. For those of you afraid of flying, I have a parachute for sale. Only used once, never opened. Has a small stain.
Veterans Day November 11, 2014

In honor of all our Veterans on Veterans Day I have completely stocked the store, turned on BOGO, and will be donating 25% of all sales to the Wounded Warrior Project
I am going to leave the BOGO on until Sunday the 16th at midnight MY TIME. (Eastern Standard Time)
At that time I will announce the total in sales and the total of what is being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Thank a veteran today!

STORE IS OPEN August 31, 2014

Due to popular demand THE STORE IS NOW OPEN!!
I dont know how long it will stay open. Well, I do, but YOU dont!! LOL
If what you are looking for isnt in there, keep checking. I will be adding more all day long.

Chat August 8, 2014

The chat now seems to be fixed. Hop on in and chat away!
July 4th PROMO WINNERS!!! July 6, 2014

HEY!!! LOOK!!! A PROMO ended on time, packs were passed out, and some now have the all new Mafia Bucks to spend!!

Here are your 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack winners!!!

First prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack - ChaZZa [49433]
$100 worth of SPs of your choice

Second Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack - Jimmy Hoffa [23142]
$75 worth of SPs of your choice

Third Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack - MC Necrophiliac [50389]
$50 worth of SPs of your choice

Fourth Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack - Momma Cluck [25903]
$25 worth of SPs of your choice

Fifth Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack - maddog [50782]

Thanks to all who played!! I will be ending BOGO soon so if you want to take advantage of that I suggest you do so. There will be no warning as to when it will it end. It will just end!

Introducing Mafia Bucks! July 6, 2014

We have added a special in-game currency called Mafia Bucks which can be used to purchase Support Packs.

Currently, the Mafia Bucks are only awarded with the Promos, however there are plans to add more ways to earn or acquire Mafia Bucks. 

The same rules that apply to Support Packs also apply to Mafia Bucks.  In other words, if your Family is at war, you are not allowed to DEMAND Mafia Bucks as terms for surrender.  Hower, if your Family trying to surrender, you may OFFER Mafia Bucks as terms to surrender.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the staff.


July 4th July 4, 2014

Ok, here is what is going on.

First and foremost, welcome back. We had a slight hiccup. When we moved to the new server our billing date also changed. This was all set to be automated every month. When the bill comes due they charge the PayPal account you all pay into when you purchase any packs. The site has not made enough over the last 2 months to cover the server fees on its own and I hadn't realized this and did not add more to Paypal. When The server company tried to hit the Paypal account for the server fees, there was no cash there. When I did realize this, I didn't have the cash to put into Paypal. I wouldn't have it until today when my paycheck got deposited. There was nothing else I could do.

Second, RKkiller (Dan Rooney) is no longer admin here and is no longer a coder here. Please do not take any problems or issues to him. He no longer has access to any admin features and can no longer help you with your problems. Anything you would have taken to Rkkiller you will now need to bring to me. I will be on daily when I get home from work.

Third, Doug is staying on and him and I are committed to making changes. Some you will like some you wont. But things are changing. We are stale. We have no new traffic. We are a boring, old, worn out game. Doug and I are going to do what we think is best and what we want to see in a game.

Lastly, lets have a PROMO. We haven't done this for a while and we need to have some fun. I have turned BOGO on and just like before you will get 1 chance at a prize for every pack purchased.

Promo will run from now (1:30pm EST 7/4/2014) to Sunday at 12:00 NOON EST and the winners will be announced shortly there after.
So what is the PROMO prize? How about the Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack. Full of all kinds of shit that blows up!!

First prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack
$100 worth of SPs of your choice

Second Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack
$75 worth of SPs of your choice

Third Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack
$50 worth of SPs of your choice

Fourth Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack
$25 worth of SPs of your choice

Fifth Prize:
1. Limited Edition 2014 4th of July BOOM Pack

Again, sorry for the down time. It was an oversight on my part and it wont happen again.

Modifications to Attacking June 8, 2014

The guards at the Federal Jail have been bought and are now on the take.
If your family is currently at war with someone who got themselves Fedded, they will now turn a blind eye and allow you to
attack them. They will ONLY look away if your family is at war with the inmate's family.

Also, New poll up!


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